Tax Registers are provided by government departments that enable an individual or business agency to perform a business under the government's jurisdiction to lawfully exist under that jurisdiction. Tax Registers provided by the Government Approved to collect tax on corporation tax registration & associated activates. Lot of documentation and specifications shall refer to company tax authorisations Registrations which may involve the type of business ownership, such as single owner or organization, number of staff, place of business, etc. Business Tax Registrations are not only required for new business entity but also required for already established Business entity after occurs of certain events in entity. Although this is seem like a tedious process which may be a time-consuming, expensive process and frustrating to deal with. This is very much important for a business owner abides by the law and obtains the necessary Tax Registrationscertification to operate their business.Starting a business without the having respective Tax registrationsis considered as illegal and if they are found in non-compliance. This can contribute to a chance of termination on the part of the company owner, including significant fines and tax, etc.

2 Types of P. Tax registration to be done.

  • P.Tax Enrollment.
  • P.Tax Registration

P.Tax Enrollment is for doing business in Bengal P. Tax is must & if an organization is paying salary of 10000/- require to deduct P.Tax of employees for which P.Tax is required.

Aspa can help in obtain P.Tax enrollment as well as required & annual compliance both.


  • Pan Card
  • Incorporation Certificate of Company,
  • Memorandum of Association,
  • Partnership Deed.
  • Bank A/C Details.
  • Address Proof: -
    • Ownership papers/ Rent Agreement.
  • Identity Proof (Director or Partners): -
    • Aadhar Card / Voter Card / Pan Card/ Passport / Driving License
  • Address Proof:-
    • Telephone / Electricity bill.
  • Mobile No & Email Id.

(B) Individual

  • Pan card/Bank A/C/ Passport/ Driver License/Voter Card/ Trade License.
  • Address Proof proprietorship – Ownership paper / Rent Agreement.
  • Mobile No. & Email ID.