Employee's State Insurance(ESI) is a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme for Indian offers an economic & medical assurance to workers and its dependents. Besides providing medical benefits to workers and its dependents it also insure worker from temporary or permanent disablement and sickness.

ESI Registration is mandatory for employers having 10 or more employee. For all employees earning Rs.15,000 or less per month as wages,(From 2013 this ceiling is increased to Rs 25000/-).This compulsory insurance also helps employers to cover up their contingent liability of treatment and medical expenses, which may be incurred if any accident is happened at the business premises or factory.

Documents Required for Esi Registration

  • 1st Sales Bill / Service Bill.
  • Lease Deed / Rental Agreement.
  • Partnership Deed / MOA and AOA.
  • Copy of Telephone Bills / EB Bills.
  • Copy of TNVAT / CST Certificate.
  • Any proof of Trial Product / Work order.
  • Resisted in Contracts Act - Copy of Registration Certificate.
  • Copy of PAN Card.
  • Statement showing Employee Strength from, Date of Starting the Business with Date of Joining.
  • List of Partners / Directors of the Company.
  • Copy of P&L and Balance Sheet last 3 Years.
  • Details of Bank Account details.
  • Nomination form in Form 2.

The Employee’s State Insurance Act, 1948

Coverage: Employees drawing wages up to Rs. 15,000 per month engaged either directly or through contractor.

  • Rate of Contribution of the wages
  • 21st of every month
  • 25th of every month
  • 11 November and 11 May
  • Employer’s contribution 4.75 %
  • Employee’s contribution 1.75 %
  • ESIC payment for the preceding month.
  • Generation of ESI Docket for the preceding month
  • Half yearly ESI Return

Note: Any Employee whose wages (excluding remuneration for overtime work) exceed Rs. 15,000 at any time after (and not before) the beginning of the contribution period i.e., (April 1 to September 30 and October 1 to March 31), shall continue to be an employee until the end of that contribution period. But in the next contribution period, their name should be excluded from ESI employee list (being salary exceeding Rs. 15,000)

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Procedure for obtaining ESI Registration?

To register for ESI, the Employer must apply to the concerned Regional Office and obtain an identification number called the Code number. The code number is a 17 digit unique identification number.

Employee's State Insurance Registration Highlights


Employee's State Insurance Corporation (ESI) is a self-financing social security and health insurance scheme for Indian workers. The scheme provides Employees with a comprehensive Social Security Scheme for protecting the employees during sickness, injury or disability.

ESI Benefits

Employee's State Insurance Corporation (ESI) is a self-ESI provides employees registered the scheme with a host of medical and sickness benefits. Employees registered under the scheme can avail medical facilities and are also entitled for sick pay benefits.

ESI Registration

ESI Registration for Employers having more than 10 employees. The Employer must contribute 4.75% of the Employees wages towards ESI. Once, registered the organization is allotted a 17 digit unique identification code.

ESI Contribution

ESI contributions must be made by the employer for all employees having a salary of less than Rs.15,000 per month. The employer must contribute 4.75% and employee must contribute 1.75% of the wages for ESI.

Continued Compliance

Organizations under ESI coverage must file annual return showing the changes if any during the preceding year. Return of contributions enclosing copy of all ESI contributions paid must be submitted once every six months.

ESI Payment Deadline

ESI Contributions must be paid by the employer in to a bank authorized by the Corporation within 21 days of the last day of the calendar month in which the contribution is due.