Given that India is rapidly emerging as a broad global market field, most corporations need to enter the Indian business climate to either reach growing competition, or search for opportunities.

With our deep understanding of the Indian business environment, ASPA is planning a strategy to enter the Indian International Clients market.

Industry Structure and Landscape

They provide a detailed analysis of the business segment defined and the capacities needed to serve it.

Market landscaping requires a detailed study of the complexity of the business (current market size, potential market size, and patterns of demand supply), end-user product styles studies, competitor marketing and promotion tactics (current and forward-looking, market share).

The track record should demonstrate a disciplined approach and the ability to adhere to the articulated strategy. The money raised should be clearly justified by the magnitude of the perceived investment opportunity and the extent of the manager's resources. The expenditure program would be attractive in view of the current economic conditions which would impact market demand.

Regional development Strategies

Through our regional collaboration, we'll help you develop and execute action strategies that will drive the organization's progress.

ASPA combine our strategy expertise with local market knowledge to facilitate your access to new markets.

Partner Selection Strategy

The search for growth and the need to complement capabilities often results in organisations seeking to work with partners around the world. Working with the right partner, however, is critical for success.

ASPA screen and select potential targets for you and assess the strategic and operational fit between both entities, prior to the transaction.

We support companies to specifically identify the engines, priorities and effects of a rigorous partnering strategy. Based on explicitly established selection parameters, we study the demand for potential partners, pursue expressions of concern and aid in shortlisting 2-3 suitable partners. We evaluate & render the agreement for the strategic and organizational match between the two organizations depending on the chosen party.

Strategic and Commercial Due Diligence

ASPA carries out this level of service for private equity / M&A firms, MNS and clients seeking strategic alliances, acquisitions, mergers or investments as a means of expansion.

Our aim is to let you realize how with the proposed investment you can both build value and mitigate the chance of failure.

Through specifically articulating the incentive, anticipated returns and creating an unbiased and analytical perception of the potential project, we help clients confirm the project hypothesis. This is often supported by a valuation exercise.