EPR Certificate is compulsory for Indian Manufacturers or Imported products for E-waste management. EPR Authorization is provided by CPCB or Central Pollution Control Board under Government of India.

EPR or Extended Producer Responsibility is the responsibility of every producer producing electronic or electrical equipment’s to move/shift the e-waste to an authorized dismantler or recycler to make sure environmentally sound management of such waste. It’s approved and certified by CPCB, whose main responsibility is to renew, refuse, or grant EPR and provide certification to producers of electrical or electronic equipment. The concept of the EPR Certificate is introduced to support improved recycling, collection, and treatment of waste.

For importers or manufacturers, it is compulsory to obtain the EPR Certificate in India to keep e-waste under control. But if importers or manufacturers fail to acquire the same, they won’t be able to operate in India. With this, importers or manufacturers have to face debarment, fine, or both.

Documents required for EPR Registration

  • GST Certificate
  • Certificate of Incorporation (In case of LLP/ Company/registered under any other Act)
  • Pan of Proprietor/Authorized Person / Business entity
  • Aadhar of Authorized Person
  • Udyam MSME Certificate
  • IEC Certificate