Closing a dead project is typically not a fun job for a regional accountant. Rajput Jain & Associates see things from a particular perspective. We give our clients a strong team that specializes in this job.


It is inevitable that some companies move into liquidation. The process of liquidation is elongated & also requires high levels of statutory compliance. It involves various complicated, country-specific regulatory norms. Rajput Jain & Associates cannot be the liquidator but we liaise with and support the liquidator by providing him with key historical accounting information.


Closing down a foreign entity generally provokes a tax and value added tax investigation. Company resistance therefore needs to be watertight. Rajput Jain & Associates cessation team ensures, this is the case and works with regulators to ensure their satisfaction and withdraw any objections to a shutdown.

What ASPA Offers

ASPA provides an integrated one point of contact solution to better protect you and your company. Through choosing us, you can be assured that financial and logistical assistance for your international activities can be received quickly and easily and that you will work securely abroad. We are an autonomous, self-sustaining supplier with no connection to, or involvement in, critical third parties like your bank!