LMPC stands for Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity. According to Rule 27 of Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity Rules enacted by the Department of Consumer Affairs, it is mandatory for companies in the business of importing pre-packaged goods to India. It is also mandated that the registration for the LMPC Import License Certification must be applied within 90 days prior to the initiation process of importation of the pre-packaged goods.

Requirement for an LMPC Lisence

If the company in the business of importing goods has the requirement to sell or distribute their product in a particular state only, then the need to acquire the LMPC Import License Certification from that respective State’s Controller. Suppose they sell or distribute it in more than one state; in that case, the applicant company needs to apply for registration under the Director at the Central Government, with the assistance of the Local Controller.

Along with the inclusion of importing companies, the producing companies and packaging companies of the pre-packaged goods are also required to register for LMPC Import License Certification.

Documents required for LMPC Registration

  • Pan of Proprietor/Authorized Person / Business entity
  • Incorporation Certificate in case of LLP\Company\registered under any other act
  • Aadhar Card - of Proprietor\ Authorised Partner\ Authorised Director (detail require for minimum 2 director/partner)
  • Address proof - of Business Entity
  • Provide factory/ godown address (if any)
  • Import Import/Export Code - Certificate
  • GST Registration Certificate(REG-06) (If company have multiple GST then provide all GST certificate)
  • Udyam (MSME) Certificate (if any)