Auditor in Kolkata: Our Roles and Responsibilities

Auditing is a huge part of ASPA & Co. In fact, we have been practising and offering it as one of our core services. From small sized companies to large sized business entities, we provide auditing services to almost all sectors of the industry.

Auditor in Kolkata: Our Roles and Responsibilities
  • Understanding the management of an organisation thoroughly.
  • Evaluating the internal control system.
  • Carrying out procedures to analyse the classes of transaction in the organisation.
  • Testing all documentations backing the transactions.
  • Looking over the inventory count.
  • Preparing adjusting journal entries.
  • Writing financial statements.
  • Complying with the company’s financial reporting framework.
  • Forming opinions according to relevant ethical requirements.
  • Preparing adjusting journal entries.
  • Offering advice to improve the financial reporting, strengthen internal controls and maximise productivity of an organisation.
What are job role DOESN’T include:
  • Being part of the company’s management
  • Authorising and executing financial transactions for the company.
  • Making changes to source documents./li>
  • Assume custody of a client’s bank accounts.
  • Reporting to the Board of Directors on behalf of a company’s management.
  • Sign tax returns in lieu of clients.
  • Approve invoices of vendors for payment.
  • Hire and fire employees.
A company’s responsibilities toward auditing include:
  • Preparation and presentation of all financial statements complying with the financial reporting framework.
  • Planning, implementation and maintenance of flawless and fraud-free internal controls.
  • Providing the auditor with information about all records and documentation relevant to the financial statements./li>
  • Providing additional information as requested by the auditing officer.
  • Providing restriction-free access to the people within an organisation.
 At ASPA & Co., every auditor in Kolkata makes every attempt to ensure that the services not only are compliant with clients’ requirements, but also add value to their business. It is this very futuristic attitude, which has helped us attract a huge clientele and numerous companies to seek our bespoke services.
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